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Technology & Services Overview

This document contains a brief overview of both incumbent and up-coming services provided by Digital Ads International (DAI) in support of its customers transitioning to digital advertising media. Currently, Digital Ads provides workflow software and print service solutions to many of Australia’s largest publishers in the form of pre-flight & delivery from customer to press, content and component management as well as ad makeup and creative services. This overview will highlight the nature of both our current and new services. It will not cover deployment or costs. 

Digital Ads International (DAI), has operated as one of the three main players in the electronic news and magazine print ad delivery industry over the past two decades within Australia, alongside both Adstream and AdSend. Our background in print ad delivery systems goes back to 1993 when Chris Malikoff worked for Adstream (then Quickcut) to develop both the QuickPrint and PageStore systems in cooperation with Neville Jeffress Advertising, News Ltd and Fairfax Group for Quickcut as Special Projects Manager. Our CEO, Murray Elliott, was also CEO of an earlier company, Digital Marketing & Media Services (DMMS), a studio-based design and print service to the Australian print media. It is this association which has given us our heavy pre-press DNA, which still carries forward in our current product line.

Most recently, we have developed and deployed our very successful “SENDlite” ad delivery portals within Fairfax Media, News Corp Australia and Metro Media Publishing. We also own and maintain the badge-engineered Quickcut (Adstream) product known as “QuickSend” and CMS product “Constructa”. All three have been very successful products for us and our publishing partners in the Australian market.

Digital Ads International – current products and services:

BUILDlite: a purpose-built CMS facilitating client specification, studio assembly, build, and soft proofing of original press-compliant PDF print advertising material.

BUILDlite is Digital Ads’ web-based content management system, designed to emulate the “pigeon hole” job bag concept. Constructa provides the link between advertisers with the raw material, or “components”, the creative team who design and assemble said components such as logos, images and copy into final material and the publisher’s workflow input portal. It keeps track of material as it’s being built, giving both front end (advertisers) and back end (creative) a real-time snapshot of where any particular piece is within its production schedule. Upon design completion, it facilitates the transfer of soft screen proofs from creative back to the advertiser and allows the advertiser to either accept the work or suggest further changes to be made. Once accepted, the completed hi-resolution material is automatically transferred from the server direct into the publisher’s production workflow as a pre-flighted PDF – ready to print.

Digital Ads - BUILDlite

SENDlite: integrated with the publisher’s own booking system API, SENDlite facilitates a publisher’s advertising clients to upload, preflight & deliver their print and digital material direct to press, on time and spec-compliant.

SENDlite is Digital Ads’ popular web-based client to publisher pre-flight and delivery tool. It allows print advertising clients who have either created or sourced their own PDF print material to upload that material, via its booking number or material ID, direct to the publisher via our pre-flight service. All jobs rejected by the pre-flight service trigger a phone call to the client on the publishers behalf where they are coached to completion. All passed material is delivered to the same publisher’s production workflow portal as Constructa. Nearly 100,000 Fairfax and MMP client ads have been processed by SENDlite over the past couple of years.

Digital Ads - SENDlite

SENDlite API: lets large advertisers connect their own design and production workflow to our SENDlite preflight and send system, sending finished material directly to publishers.

SENDlite API is Digital Ads’ web service application interface to SENDlite. It lets major advertisers program their own connection to the SENDlite service from their internal production system. This alleviates their need to do this manually via the standard website on a job by job basis. 

SEND: a platform for advertisers to preflight and send their finished print ad material to most newspaper and magazine publishers around the world.

Digital Ads - SEND

Digital Ads Creative Services: personnel and studio resources to build both print and electronic ads for clients.

Digital Ads Creative Services. Print is our art studio dedicated to the design and production of reasonably-priced high quality print advertising material for our publisher clients. DACS is a service dedicated to the provision of finished print material created from material supplied to the studio in the form of individual components via Constructa. With a fixed per-job fee structure, DACS is a cost-effective way of providing quality badge-engineered creative services to a publisher’s advertising client base without having to gear up or manage it for themselves.

Digital Services - Design
Digital Services – Design
Digital Services - Development
Digital Services – Development
Digital Services - Strategy
Digital Services – Strategy

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